Our system is integrated with the government's online Waste Data register.

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WD is an online register of businesses involved in the transport or storage of waste, and companies that produce waste as part of their activities or introduce imported products and packaging into the Polish market.

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Waste record system.

The waste record system is fully integrated with the Waste Data register. It will significantly speed up the WD card generation process. A modern and user-friendly interface ensures the fast introduction of persons responsible for card registration. The modular system design guarantees free customisation according to customers' needs and guidelines. Our system is used by large corporations and small enterprises that wish to streamline their card registration work in the WD system.

The system is designed for both small and large enterprises. With the applied solutions and technologies, it is possible to adapt it to the individual needs of the client and integrate it with the financial and accounting system or warehouse system used by the enterprise. The programme supports the simultaneous work of multiple users, which permits the efficient and fast handling of clients.

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Basic functions.


WTN and MWTN generator

The automatic generation of WTN and MWTN significantly reduces card generating time. Also available is a comprehensive history of the cards generated in the system.


Automatic receipt of WTN and MWTN

Transferred Waste Notes are automatically accepted for processing. With the advanced card search engine, you can quickly access a specific WTN or MWTN A full history of accepted cards is also available.


Bulk download of audit cards

Without having to log in to the Waste Data register, you can download up to several thousand WTN and MWTN at the same time. Card verification has never been that easy.


Annual report

Every year, several businesses are required to submit an annual report on waste generated and waste management. Our system offers automation of annual reports for batteries, packaging, equipment and municipal waste.


Our system is the only fully working solution available on the market!

Thanks to automated processes, you will complete the mandatory formalities quickly and 100% online.

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System advantages.

Free training

No need to log into the Waste Data system

Full responsiveness

Complete process automation

Full interpretation from WD API

Flexible modular design

Customising the visual appearance to match the client's branding

The system used for cooperation with the major recycling organisations

Connections to specific warehouse systems, such as... Naviero

Keeping records of waste cards

Full compliance with waste management legislation

Multi-user simultaneous access

Technical support

Dedicated hosting



Over 200 clients have trusted us. We work for start-up projects and various industry leaders.

The collaboration with hc digital includes support for our corporate website and online store. A comprehensive range of services and a responsible and competent team guarantee implementation of the set objectives.

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Export & Marketing Manager

We value hotchili for its cooperation, professionalism, innovation and flexibility. The agency provides services of the highest quality while maintaining exemplary client relations.

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Head of Marketing

We have been partners with Hotchili for 7 years in the area of digital activities. Over the course of our collaboration, HC digital has been effective in supporting us in achieving further business goals and readily adheres to agreements.

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Jakub Kłoczewski

Marketing Director

Given our cooperation with hotchili so far, we can recommend it as reliable and trustworthy partner. The quality of service is to our complete satisfaction and encourages further cooperation.

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Krzysztof Pykel

Managing Director

It is my pleasure to recommend the company for cooperation regarding even the most technologically advanced web projects.

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Piotr Michałowski

Brand Manager

Our cooperation has been fruitful from the very beginning, and the materials prepared are always characterised by a high level of graphic design and programming.

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Marketing Department

A close-knit, creative team of professionals who provide advice and regular support. One cannot help but be struck by the homely atmosphere prevailing at Hotchili.

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Associate Director

Hotchili is our partner in the field of Internet marketing and effectively supports us in the realisation of our business objectives.

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Marketing Manager


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